Family disability

Key  Values

Real Living Options Association Inc. is committed to the following value statements:

  • People with a disability have a right to a lifestyle which is based on the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as other citizens.
  • People with a disability, along with all members of society should have a safe, secure and comfortable life in their own home.
  • A person’s home environment should be a place of sanctuary which will be reflected in all work practices of Real Living Options Association Inc..
  • The natural authority of families is respected.
  • Community inclusion is not just living in a house in the community, it also gives rise to meaningful participation in community life and the development of broader networks.
  • People with a disability should expect to have support and assistance which respects their rights, responsibilities, goals and aspirations and is flexible to changing needs while providing opportunities for participation and valued roles.


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“Life wasn’t meant to be perfect – it was meant to be lived.”