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Fiona Angus is a dedicated and versatile professional who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as the Administrative Officer at Real Living Options Association Inc. With three years in this pivotal office position, Fiona plays a crucial role in supporting the organisation’s mission and day-to-day operations.

Fiona’s journey within Real Living Options Association Inc. began seven years ago when she served as a Lifestyle Assistant. This role allowed her to directly impact the lives of the individuals the organisation supports, fostering her commitment to enhancing the quality of life for others.

Prior to her tenure at Real Living Options, Fiona held a Support Facilitator role with another disability service, further enhancing her understanding of the needs of those in the disability sector.

Originally hailing from Scotland, Fiona embarked on a new chapter in her life when she relocated to Cairns in 1993. Her professional journey in Australia has been diverse, encompassing roles in both hospitality and property management. Fiona’s adaptability and work ethic have been instrumental in her continued success.

Outside of her professional life, Fiona finds joy in her personal life as a dedicated wife and mother. Her adult son, now residing in Melbourne, is a source of pride and joy. At home in Cairns, she shares her life with husband, two feline companions and a loyal canine friend.

Fiona’s passion for exploration and culinary delights often leads her on exciting travel adventures. Her love for cooking is a testament to her creativity, and her garden is a sanctuary where she finds solace and serenity.

Fiona Angus embodies the values of dedication, adaptability, and a commitment to enriching the lives of those around her, both in her professional role and in her personal pursuits. Her journey from Scotland to Cairns is a testament to her adventurous spirit and her willingness to embrace new opportunities.