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Mandy Nielsen is a dedicated and experienced professional who has served as the General Manager of Real Living Options Association Inc. for an impressive 16 years. Her unwavering commitment to this organisation has made a significant impact on the community she serves.

Originally from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Mandy embarked on her journey in Cairns back in 2003. It was in this picturesque tropical setting that she truly found her calling in community service. Her dedication to her role is marked by her incredible tenure and the profound changes she has spearheaded over the years.

Prior to her tenure as the General Manager, Mandy lived on the Central Coast for 14 years, where she raised her son and played an essential role in coordinating a Community Transport group. Her experience in community service in New South Wales laid the foundation for her later career achievements in Cairns.

Mandy’s deep-rooted passion for helping others is not limited to her professional life. In her personal life, she enjoys spending weekends with her husband and her two beloved small dogs. This quality speaks to her nurturing and caring nature, which she brings to her work in the community. She is a loving and supportive mother to her adult son, who resides in Melbourne.

Mandy Nielsen is a testament to the impact that an individual can make on a community when driven by compassion and a desire to create positive change. Her dedication and unwavering commitment to Real Living Options Association Inc. have not only enriched the lives of the people she serves but have also inspired those around her.